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As the official distributor & factory representative for Fireco Components in Australia and New Zealand, EVTA provides full sales and after sales support for the complete Fireco range.  Fireco provide an extensive range of portable and fixed telescopic masts and accessories for lighting, communication, security and surveillance applications for emergency services, mining, broadcasting, military, public utilities and safety industries.


  • High quality, light weight anodised aluminium telescopic masts
  • Lightweight masts (Star, Entry, Super Entry, Primo, Super Primo & Maxi Primo) ranging from 2m to 20m with head loads 3 to 20kg
  • Partner masts (Zero, Ultralight, Light, Standard, Heavy, Super Heavy & Giant) ranging from 0.94m to 40m with head loads 5 to 180kg
  • Steady masts (Ultralight, Light, Standard, Heavy, Super Heavy & Giant) with locking collars for extended operation
  • Brackets to suit internal and external mast mounting
  • Large number of internal wiring options, including multiple coaxial cables
  • Hand pumps, 12V, 24V & 230V compressors and mast control systems
  • Folding tripods, guy ropes and accessories
  • Tilt and Turn Units
  • Lights (500-1500 W Halogen, Metal Halide, HP Sodium, Xenophot, Xenon HID, including 12V,24V & 230V options)
  • Manual and Electric mast rotation systems
  • Corded and Cordless Remote control units
  • Lumicone - Balloon lighting systems
  • Roof Masts with extended heights from 1.75m to 4.47m
  • Guardian detection device for the protection of the user and the equipment from overhead hazards


Fireco also provide


  • High Pressure fire fighting pumps and slip on units (Petrol & Diesel Engines with direct coupled pumpsets)
  • Servolux - Portable battery powered lighting system
  • Canguro - Portable generator powered light system incorporated on a compact hand trolley
  • Customised Telescopic masts on request.


Catalogues & brochure downloads


Pump Catalogue

Fireco Catalogue 204, Fireco, High Pressure pump, Ultra High Pressure Pump, UHPS, Hose reel, Foam system, Slip on unit, Pump

Mast Catalogue

Fireco Catalogue 103, Fireco, Star, Entry, Super Entry, Super Entry, Primo, Super Primo, Maxi Primo, Zero, Ultralight, Light, Standard, Heavy, Super Heavy, Giant, Compact, Steady, Roof mast, Tilt and Turn Unit, Telescopic Mast, Pnuematic Mast, Light Tower

Lumicone brochure

Fireco, Fireco Australia, Lumicone, Lighting Balloon

Servolux brochure

Fireco, Fireco Australia, Portable lighting, Servolux Brochure

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